What’s Going on Here?

Welcome to Investing Intel.

We’re not in the business of espionage or anything sinister like that. Instead, we’re here to tell you about the financial news you NEED to know and the unique stock intel you NEED to hear about.

This is the place for regular insights into exciting stocks which might offer real opportunity. Of course, we’ll also keep you up to date with key financial news, earnings previews, IPO info and lesser-known trivia from the investing world.

You see: nothing to do with espionage. Just fresh and creative investment ideas.

That’s why this publication is called Investing Intel.

This kind of espionage action is obviously very cool, but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with our newsletter…

What is Investing Intel?

Investing Intel is a new look and a fresh take.

It’s a weekly finance newsletter from the ValueTheMarkets team, revamped from its old model with a fresh lick of paint.

Features include:

  • Three stock insights.

  • Current events roundup

  • A preview of the week ahead

  • IPO Previews

  • Earnings Outlooks

  • Links to the best VTM content

But that’s not all.

Investing Intel: Stock Stories is an exciting extra slice of content being launched in the coming weeks. These regular emails will feature deep-dives into stocks with fascinating stories and serious potential. In short, they are an exciting way to learn about investing ideas that could enhance any portfolio!

What Do Subscribers Get?

You can get yourself an Investing Intel subscription in exchange for $0. That’s right, its completely free!

As a subscriber, you will gain access to weekly newsletters, stock stories and our in-depth reports into some of the most exciting and innovative stocks on the market.

Did I mention that it’s absolutely free?

He’s right you know

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